Our Rates:

We are going to do something that has not been done before, we are going to give you our rates. For three men and the truck it is 110.00 for your trip fee to come out to you, this rate covers our fuel,  plus it covers the time it takes for our employee's to go out to you and come back, it also covers material. We charge $99.99 an hour with everything included, shrink wrap, heavy duty moving blankets, we also bring our boxes out to you the day of the move if we are packing at no additional charge. 

These rates are for local moves in the Phoenix metro area.

​​​Moving & Storage:

Our excellent customer service is due to our excellent staff, and movers, their training and also our years of experience in Residential and Commercial Moves. Three guys and a truck  provides …

Residential and Commercial Moving Services of all Sizes, we offer
Partial or complete packing services based on your needs. This includes packing services for both Residential and Commercial moves.
We have storage options available.
We can accommodate your schedule.
We do our best to complete the move in your time frame.
We explain in detail what will be done, how and by whom.
We handle apartments, condo's, town house's and single family residence moves.
We handle Commercial moves and know how to work with Building Managers.
We offer a variety of temporary moving and storage options that can save you time, money and simplify a multi-stage move.
If you are moving to Arizona and your possessions are arriving before your new home is ready? In situations like this we are a cost-effective local Phoenix metro moving storage resource to store your items with. We can help with your storage until your new home is available.

Browse our website and learn more about our services. From Residential Moves, Commercial Moves, Long Distance Moving Services, Designer Services, Local Load & Hold, Storage, Mini Storage to Moving Supplies; Three Guys and a Truck is “The Recommended Mover” serving Arizona. Call us today  602-222-2223
We provide Residential and Commercial Moving Services for Arizona:

We serve the Greater Phoenix Metro Area.

Ask us about Arizona Long Distance Moving Services …


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